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A Post-Apocalyptic World

To escape the horrors of a world ravaged by a toxic post-apocalyptic wasteland, humanity sought safety underground. Facilities were built deep below the surface, away from the nightmarish hellscape of reality. But it wasn’t long before communications ceased from one of these facilities and radio silence signified that something disastrous must have occurred. Do you dare to venture into their world to uncover the mystery of what happened? Be warned: once you’re inside, no one can hear you SCREAM.


Once you enter the abandoned Graydon Manor estate over the covered bridge, stay to the right and follow the signs for free parking.

YES. We recommend you purchase tickets online and download our waiver via the button located at the top of our website menu.  If you are buying at the ticket tent, there will be waivers to sign onsite.

If you buy your tickets online and bring your signed waiver, you can go directly to the entrance tent (less waiting!) and exchange your printed tickets for the wristbands required for entry. For onsite ticket sales, go to the ticket window to purchase and sign a waiver.

Restricted items that you may not bring into the attraction are included but not limited to: 

  • Weapons of any kind (this includes guns, knives, tasers, sharp objects, or anything intended to cause harm). 
  • Large bags or backpacks. Purses may be subject to search upon entry. 
  • Outside food and beverages, both alcohol and non-alcoholic. If you arrive visibly intoxicated you will be removed from the premises without a refund. 


Failure to abide by these restrictions may result in your ejection from the attraction and grounds without refund. Please note that we will have Leesburg PD present every night we’re open…and we’re not afraid to use them. 

No, once you obtain your wristband, head directly past the ticket tent and into the attraction. Once you leave the property, there is NO re-entry. 

Proceeds are donated to a local charity, so there are NO REFUNDS (especially if you get too scared to go through—we tried to warn you)

Scream is recommended for adults and teens, but younger kids may come if parents choose to bring them. Our goal isn’t to traumatize your kids, so use your best discretion when deciding to bring them. No refunds will be given, however you may purchase an antivirus necklace for an additional fee (see below for more info!)

Coming to a haunted house but scared to be too scared? For an extra $5 we have a protective device that wards off the mutants. But nothing can protect you from everything else around you.

Nothing alive touches you at Scream, but if you touch anyone inside, you will be ejected. There are no refunds, even if you are ejected, so don’t act a fool. 

Everyone at Scream has either provided proof of vaccination or are wearing masks. Our environments are sanitized regularly.

You can bypass the General Admission line with our SCREAM PASS! If you buy tickets online, just select the “SCREAM PASS” option and enjoy the Scream with less waiting!

Your group goes through together up to 10 people. If your party is smaller than 4 people, you may enter with another small group.

Absolutely not. Our mutants have very sensitive eyes since descending into their bunkers so no cell phone lights, recording, or picture taking will be allowed inside the attraction. If you are seen breaking these rules (and our Eye does see all) then you will be given a warning. If you continue to break the rules then a member of our security team will feed you to the mutants without a refund. 

There is a 10% discount for a group of 10+ Reach out to screamworksllc@gmail.com to get your group discount promo code.

Scream is an accessible experience for wheelchairs, but do not enter if you have medical conditions that are worsened by strobe lights, startles, or electric shock. Scream is not recommended for individuals who are pregnant or have medical conditions. Consult your doctor.

Scream is an indoor/outdoor event and will usually remain open unless it’s unsafe. Online ticket holders will be notified by email, and it will be posted on our website if Scream closes due to inclement weather.  There are NO REFUNDS for rain. Instead, a “rain check” will be issued if you choose to attend another day

Escape to the Mansion where you will find our partner VANISH who may grant you refuge from the roaming mutants. Here you may regain your courage and your strength as VANISH will be hosting local tastings, food trucks, as well as up-close and personal experiences including photo ops with our Scream Mutants.

Synergy Community Foundation is a local nonprofit that builds communities that work for everyone, regardless of income. This year’s proceeds will be donated to Synergy to use for services provided at the Leesburg Mobile Home Park. 

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